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April 2nd, 2007 at 04:13 am

Wow! Today I get to do something that I've been waiting for years to do. I get to tell you that we have created forums for The Dollar Stretcher site.

I've always wanted a place where it was easier for our readers to contribute and connect. Part of our DNA around here is that everyone is an expert on something. And, that if you take the 100k+ readers of the ezine and add that to the 100k+ visitors to the website each week, you'll find someone who can answer just about any financial question/problem that there is. It's just a matter of getting the question and the answer together.

"Can You Help This Reader" was our first attempt at harnessing our combined wisdom. And, it's been a favorite since our first issue back in 1996. We came close to starting a forum back in 1999, but we didn't have the staffing to do the job properly so we gave up the attempt.

That all just changed recently. Many of you know Pat Veretto. She was responsible for the frugal living pages at about.com.
I always admired her work. Well, to make a long introduction short, about a month ago Pat joined us with her main function
being helping to make The Dollar Stretcher Community a great place for you to ask questions and trade ideas about frugal living and money. We haven't given her a title yet. Perhaps you have a suggestion. If so, you can send it by
mail to pat@stretcher.com. Or maybe you just want to say hello. I'm sure that she'll be glad to hear from you in either case.

I'll admit that we still have some work to do on the forums. The layout isn't exactly what we want. And, we'll need to add sponsors so we can afford to pay for it. But, if you don't mind the fact that we're still moving the furniture around, we'd be happy to have you visit. You'll find The Dollar Stretcher Community at community.stretcher.com Oh, and let Pat or I know what you think. We've always relied on our readers to share their ideas for improvements. No plans to
stop now!